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Video ini khusus bagi temen temen, yg ingin gede omset bisnisnya.Perbanyak list building, dllTerimakasih sudah menonton videonya hingga selesai.Silakan support channel ini dengan subscribe Like jika anda suka Koment jika anda ingin memberi masukan kepada tim kamiUntuk segala pemesanan buku, e-course bisa langsung ditanyakan ke CP di bawah ini.Info lebih lengkap silakan hubungi 087835075044 (Pada Jam Kerja)TerimakasihSalam sukses ! 😊🙏

will never forgive them for Watchdog 1 deceptive piece of shits

Lejoice George

ccc vs tgp infootball

Isaac Diaz

Coby will win one

Niels Schelander Sørensen

Kan i tale Dansk

Beth Halpain

OK, so like these are just all of the videos that I like and here is a channel for that? I don't get it. I'm just like not trying to be doing anything wrong.

🔵 🔴 Their first video was uploaded April 8, 2009.

jaron ackermann

Jjhhhhnhhh. Nn.N.M.

Dylan Captain

i like how the spin to the buddy shot starts with ty showing off

Mr Hydra

Cody bends his knees on the dad trust shot at 2:10

- She actually is completely against it (Which is what a lot of people are saying)

Oussama El gharbaoui

Nice top


Guess I’m dying.

Sayuri Haruno

This TU person makes really good art.

Adriana Dominguez-Rojas

He looks so funny😗😂😂

Schnitzel Water


Misty Cook

you should do famous basketball players


This probably won’t get a lot of traction, but Youtube’s recent explanation of their policy change cited MatPat and his channels. I know these channels aim to inform people and Matt and Steph aim to help content creators; however, the new policy is seriously hurting those same creators despite them having never broken any rules or regulations. I think people need to be informed of the change and need to know the truth behind the issue. The real truth. Not Youtube’s vague and questionable explanation. Talking through facts and giving digestible analysis is something MatPat does incredibly well. I know it’s risky, and with the adpocalypse going on it could put the monetization of the channel at stake. But YouTube is shutting down people they don’t like, even if they don’t violate policy. Somebody needs to stand up against it. Please help the YouTube community stay strong against this attack on free speech.


wait! what about the UFO?!

I know suicide squad going to be great

travis santiago

y arent they playing in the nba

Zoe Barwick

I've never been able to talk to my parents about feelings and about my life, its just not something I've ever been comfortable with and I've never known why. But now that it's (whatever I think I have) gotten worse and idk what to do about it I want to ask for help. But I'm worried that I'm overreacting or that it is all my head. I tried to tell one of my closest friends and she was really wanted to help and try to understand (her sister went through I different mental illness of depression) but I don't think she really understood what I was going through enough to know why I can't just tell my parents. I really only want to get a professional to tell me what I have and whether it is normal or not, so I can know how to cope with it. My parents call me lazy and very antisocial, I am an introvert but that's not why I don't go out of my room alot. Sorry this is probably really long and I didn't state what i think I have (I'm too scared to even admit it to myself and say it out loud) but I just want to talk to someone that knows what I'm going through so I don't feel so alone and scared. I just really want some help but idk how to get it

War gaming


Regardless , thanks for making these videos for us , man ..

Web Slinger

1:55 the Weeknd on the building

John Smith

Did you ever find the Bruce Wayne easteregg?

Ahmed alamdar

Don't you guys think that goaly was Tyler

i only noticed the one in the assassins creed video


If you look closely you can see its glow in the darkBtw before you reply this is a joke

ELLA Brennan

My name is ELLA !