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Už dlhšie v súkromí fandím VAPINGU, no bál som sa to bez riadneho vysvetlenia publikovať na svojich kanáloch... hlavne, aby to nepôsobilo že chcem na produkt navádzať mladších divákov. Dnes som pozval do štúdia dvoch Oliverov, ktorí sa VAPINGU venujú roky, aby o tom niečo porozprávali a naučili ma robiť s parou rôzne triky. Užívajte videjko, každý LIKE a rozumný KOMENTÁR si vážim! :)►Kovyho video "KOUŘENÍ" - Oliverom, že si našli čas nám porozprávať o vapingu! #NoAD #ViacInfo ▼▼▼ Instagram Vaprio - Žitňanský, Alex Damatzis & statív& Alex ŽitňanskýOFFICIAL SHOP - ←Business mail: manager@gogomantv.sk»Facebook - - - - Vlogy - vo videu z audiogalérie Epidemic Sound.MOJI PARTNERI - ►XBOX Slovensko - - - Asus - Fanta -

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Do a part 2


You're a brit.

Trojan_ Yeety

2:55 I actually had a family friend’s granddaughter die of a brain tumor at age 4 or 5 in 2017

Techman Zth

Which best of 2017 will be?

Reecy Peecy 990

Tom Brady has left the chat


Haha the pizza guy at the end

fornite_sucks lol


Chase Johnson

May 2018

StormCloud the Warrior

Well this was totally clickbait


Haha since when are down to earth intellectuals inferior

Jacob Payne

4,501  like there you go xD

Alex Ritner

ho ho ho merrey christmas


Wait wait wait WAIT in the zombie army trilogy you are the black guy of left 4 dead 2....my question is how?

Zambuni Bros Blitz

Sharks dont eat or bte humans unlees there starving or by accident

Maxine Bramhall



Paul richardson Jr Seattle seahawks

mystery 478

Lol the last one, amazing video as always


Cael McDermott

Love the game

Hodan Matan

one like you thought it was an operation gone wrong

Carl Johnson


''Mad Jack'' a.k.a ReDLynx22

(Valve Games= the best) Steam=a f**king s*it

glutrino guy

omg is good game for play

Ebola Sushi

We need sips for number 1 lol

King Willy

sup!!!! please make a moon ball trick shoots video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac Carrillo


Nova wolf Gaming

Well you just killed a yeti so your a horrible person 😈👹☠️

I see : I click : I like

Истории от BlaineIsAPain

Лучше историй моих послушай)

theprokiller 7707

U r the best i love u vids

Quentin Badie

looks like they're fckin bleedin out

Rose Park

Omg im sooooooooo fucking happy that it was dream


Omg he is canadian


Does this game take place in Czech Republic? Because all those civilians spoken in czech.

Samantha Meraz

jenna really just broke and destroyed gender rolls in the most wholesome and cute way possible with her DOG <3

Mohammed Alqasemi

Are you going back to call of duty glitches?

Tori Kearney

My brother was born late so he had breathing problems and passed away a year later me and my other brother never got to see him he is now 19 I miss him I'm 10bmy other brother is 16 we miss him so much

cat army

Her:I'm the only healthy person

roaring twenties

I've told my parents im sad before,and they teased me. i cant trust them not to laugh or try not to or sarcastically say my name and pretend to be sad