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In order to have success as a music producer, recording artist, youtuber, or writer we have to grow an audience which can be frustrating when first getting started. Not knowing how or where to find your first 500 fans can be pretty discouraging, but once you understand the proven formula of growing your fan base you'll have no problem gaining tons of new fans in no time. Stop banging your head against the wall and start building a fan base. In this video I break down my proven strategy for growing an audience in 30 days.Shop Jusbi Apparel: www.jusbi.comLearn More Here: www.adamivy.comFollow me and hit me up:Instagram: @AdamIvyFacebook: Inquiries:

I hope you guys never had a teacher this mean.

Will Simon

That was cool I never knew any of those!

Stacey’s Diary

Y didn’t she stop smoking

I hate having this feeling because it gets in the way of work or trying to enjoy myself...I always always retreat to my room....its crazy beyond crazy

We have replaced you😂

Okay, so here it is: perhaps since Howard is controlling Mewtwo who is flying around over the heads of the crowd, maaaybe since the ditto and mewtwo are connected, it’s taking in the sights that the mewtwo is taking in. In the parade, there’s sure to be a cubone or Machamp somewhere, right? Since Ditto can transform purely on sight, maybe it can see the memories of Mewtwo as it goes over the crowds of people. Just a theory, though.

Alfie White

0:49 why does mike's sister look like Misha from the TF2 man co no more comics?

Troy Dollman

Ways to fell like nothing step 1 : watch this video and then get incredibly salty because some of us are not special

2nd Airborne Productions

24 bounces


I have OCD. It triggers whenever I make some kind of mistake. I always think that my friend is way better than me, and that I don't deserve to know her.


Does everyone realize he had 3 girlfriends for no reason

Thank me later


0:53 i think im pregnant

Henry Rodriguez

So awesome

james m

@parkour9988 im leaning on my right elbow haha

Ryan B


Throwing up will slowly kill you Bro: okay..

Kiki S

Is anyone else wondering who has a sleepover EVERY friday????

Sarge Fido

I play as both the men!

school boi

Its very bad killing fished for video

El Monkeyman Bravo

I’m doing this at school

Meme Man

wouldn’t he kill the person he is speaking to?


This is the first video i ever watched on yt

Blake Hyma

Lions fan forever!



Ashish Patel

U guys are pro's of Youtube , U inspires us ..!!! Love frm Mumbai

Kevin Kearns

You missed a couple of them

matty_playz Fortnite

The best way to counteract GAD is to be focused on a goal and working hard to achieve it . All the anxiety just fades into the background .




0:56 its 3x scope

Random Gal

If someone did that to me I would bring a butcher knife to school the next day

David Murray

happened to my ex because she was badly pressured and I felt really sorry for her, the guy threatened to kill himself if he didn't see and when she did he said he would do it some more. luckily she blocked the guy on Skype..

Mystery Name


Music Cat Guy

My gaming addiction made a millionaire

Bauser PG

Minuto 4:00 a la izquierda hay un fantasma