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Jacob Skinner

1 like = 1 Nargacuga tail slam to the face for John

Archanator Tornado?

I have Type 1 Diabetes I was diagnosed when I was 6 or 7 and I’ve been on An Insulin pump for about 4 years now I remember when I was pretty little being put on a CGM I’ve never liked CGMs and I never will

Me: what kind?

Diego Campos robles

Soy un c rak


I would do something with water balloons.

Annie Cancilao

I love these triooooo! 🤗 also bobby 💕


Yourself* Plus no, i'm not a idiot. The headless horseman is a TF2 character, not Skyrim, and when the fuck did i say i knew everything about skyrim? Fuck off.

Air Ios

North Korea secret testing grounds


ELON MUSK GOT BULLIED?!?!!!11111111!!!!!!!


Great about Ubisoft Access

ghost boi

Maybe should've had never whored around in your 20s? I have absolutely no sympathy for her. This is 100% her fault and even admits it by the end of the video.

Kaidra OE

10 mins xD

JLX TheCaptain

I don’t fear death...

Jacob Newcombe

Can you get a strike with an American football

Slavio d1737

how are they doing rhis


After around a month of recording, editing and stress eating, the video is finally done. This is my 100th video and my first video after reaching 100k subscribers, pretty crazy. People wanted me to make some kind of special video, but making the longest one I've ever done is pretty special to me. Hope you all enjoy the video. Thanks for watching.

WGC Obēy

they have good luck

I have 17 voices in my head, and they fight each other CONSTANTLY, they would argue, take over, and make me seem weirder or mean, overly happy, or really really sad

kiernan mccleerey

How did you enjoy Blade Runner 2?

Luke Cummings


“Before I even met him”

iijudya19 ii

I thought he would propose


That looks sooooo fun!!!

daniela alencar


karen aguero


Adriel Schardosin


Marlyn Hernandez

Are you always mad or sad

the ODST spartan


lance comstock

At 1:00 who saw Pokémon Go?

Sam Womack

I just want to tell the world my OCD story. Lay it allllllll out



blue heart

OH anyone have the asian flush haha if you know what I mean

Eric Carlson

It’s about time.