Quick tutorial on cool AHK Studio features - YouTube

This video I walked through using AHK Studio with Joe Clicker.We compared some of its features to SciTe and I demonstrated some of the cool capabilities that Maestrith built in to it.See more tutorials on AHK Studio here: can download AHK Studio here: the author of AHK Studio accepts donations here:

Andreagen Lewis

Wow Corey

but i don't know if that's just me..

Army Zen

Ive neever laughed harder when ethan freaked out about the proce but then spent twice as much.

miggee47 _

Warning smoking is gay


Y didnt your amazing talent go down in guinness book of world records?

RemBo ooo

Me : I don't think I'll pre-order

Tawesome 7789

In #7 the mom is painting everything that happens in the future

SuperDawg - Gameplay

I'm your 1 millionth subscriber

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Intissar Bousraou

I think its:" i'm a boy living as a girl" is it? Or is it just a fault?

Ryan Brennan

At least you warned us about jump scare, you da real mvp

Steven Loewenthal


Shows us a A-

jeian agtas

the mouse is from the green mile..... it is from the death row... just like in the movie... but the weird thing about that is the laugh 0_o

sal montes

cory has the same soccer ball as me


sir, i will have trouble sleeping w/out knowing what your pic is, is it a cucumber, a dinosaur or beast boy from teen titans, please dont take this has a offence,i am just curious

AriZhoNah Wallaba

Reflection of 9/11