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Ferramentas e Reparo BGA Detalhado - YouTube

Mostramos todas as ferramentas necessárias para o Reparo BGA, e todo o procedimento necessário através de um processo completo de reballing.Neste vídeo detalhamos o processo de colocação de esferas no chip e a utilização de toas as ferramentas.Mostramos também o processo de solda BGA na Estação Shuttle Star SV-550.



Como Hacer Publicidad En Facebook Gratis - YouTube

En este video comparto un punto de vista de Como Hacer Publicidad En Facebook Gratis aquí demuestro claramente el problema mas común al momento de hacer publicidad en Facebook GratisPreguntas importantes que debemos hacernos antes de ofertar nuestros productos.1- Quien es el cliente de tus sueños2- Donde se encuentran ellosCon esas 2 preguntas podrás incrementar tus conversiones sin DUDARLO.Te recuerdo que es un gusto para mi compartir todos mis conocimientos, Espero te ayude muchísimo. Para mas estrategias te invito a formar parte de Click Académico - Un sitio donde te enseño como hacer dinero por internet desde la A hasta la Z. Completamente Gratis.Ingresa aqui:Si necesitas mas ayuda favor visitarme aqui.

I Found an iPhone 8 After Underwater for 1 Year - Will It Work? - YouTube

I Found an iPhone 8 After Underwater for 1 Year - Will It Work?While scuba diving in the river, I found some incredible river treasure, including Oakley sunglasses, half of a dumbell, and an iPhone 8 inside a lifeproof case. After drying it out, I called the owner and he had quite the surprise to tell me!Subscribe and help me reach my goal of 4 Million Subscribers!A LIMITED-EDITION MAN + RIVER T-SHIRT HERE:***Follow Man + River:Facebook: Watch More Man + River:Latest Uploads: Videos: Metal Detecting a WATERFALL - I Found an iPhone, Rings, Pocket Knife (Phone Returned!!!) Treasure: I Found a Working iPhone 7 PLUS, GoPro, Keys, Money (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!) manplusriver@gmail.comWant to send me something?Dallas RowleyP.O. Box 312105New Braunfels, TX 78131 About Man + River:Hey my name is Dallas! I’m a Free diver, Scuba Diver and Treasure hunter. Welcome to my channel Man + River, where I take you along on my lost river and lake treasure hunting adventures! Hit the subscribe button to join me on my next dive!


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DIY FURNITURE AND HOME DECORCheck out these exceptionally beautiful design items you can diy in just 5 minutes! Tons of genius creative ideas on how to create delightful indoor tent, cozy pillows, breakfast-in-bed tray for your loved ones, incredible infinity mirror table, embroidery hoop ideas and so much more!Let's start with my favorite one. Infinity mirror table. You have to find two-storeyed table with removable glass surface. First of all, take out the glass surface and wrap it with black tin foil, then put on special paper strap with the little led lights on it all around the wooden surface and finally put the glass part back in. Turn the lights off, enjoy the view! ; )This one for the clay and cement lovers. Put some clay into the bowl, add water, stir it up, now put in three wooden legs into this mass, let it dry properly and there you have it! Beautiful and stylish stand for the flower pots, books, gadgets and whatever you want for that matter! And if you have some big cardboard boxes left, don't throw them away! I'll show you the way to transform it into an awesome comfy indoor tent for the kids! Enjoy these furniture ideas and let's get creative! ; )TIMESTAMPS:1:36 Bottle ottoman2:22 Bubble gum?4:38 Infinity table6:27 Lack side table----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: to 5-Minute MAGIC: to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: Bright Side of Youtube: more videos and articles visit:

How to: create chip bags in Microsoft Word - YouTube

Hello I'm showing you a simple way to customize your own chip bags using Microsoft word..I would do another on depth tutorialif this one was to fast!check out my Amazon storefront  fonts inDafont.comHow to assemble your custom chip bags to remove white background from images

We built Apple's new Mac Pro! - YouTube

Get an unrestricted 30-day free trial of FreshBooks at up for Private Internet Access VPN at fastest Mac you can buy today is the iMac Pro, and ours is fully loaded – But we completely blow it away with specs akin to Apple's fastest new Mac Pro!Buy a Dominus Extreme:On Amazon: Newegg: a Xeon W-3175X:On Amazon: Newegg: try it with a Threadripper 1950X instead:On Amazon: Newegg: macOS-Simple-KVM Git repo: on the forum: Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at metal posters: Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ Display Glas - wechseln tauschen / S8 Screen Glass Repair Replacement - YouTube

Hello dear technology friends.In this is tutorial video i show you on how to replace the GLASS LENS from LCD screen on your Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+.Enjoy your time!

Google Sheets - Userform - YouTube

Learn how to create a user form in Google Sheets using Apps Script and Materialize CSS. In this tutorial we'll add UI elements like Sidebar & Dialog Boxes with a userform to our spreadsheet and pass information from our user interface to our worksheet.Support the Channel:

Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio On The Economy - YouTube

Ray Dalio is the founder and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. Dalio is sharing his template for understanding debt crises, which he says helped him and his fund foresee and navigate the financial crisis.------------------------------------------------------Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more.Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter:

A Lovely Day | Episode Compilation | Mr Bean Official Cartoon - YouTube

No Parking Mr Bean wants to watch the movie Titanic in the city. Unfortunately, he has serious difficulties finding a parking space.HaircutMr Bean saves a kitten from a tree. The press and the kitten's owner arrive at his door for a photograph but Bean's hair is messy so he decides to have a haircut. Inventor An inventor moves into the empty room in the attic. When Mr Bean fails to rescue Scrapper, Mrs Wicket transfers him upstairs and lets the inventor takes his room. Dead Cat Mr Bean presumes that Scrapper had been crushed to death in the garbage truck by the collector.Stay tuned:to the official Mr Bean Channel. Here you will find all of your favourite Mr Bean moments from the classic series with Rowan Atkinson and his new animated adventures. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a Full Episode of Mr Bean, or Mr Bean Compilations and clips as well as originals including Mr Bean Comics.To find out more about Mr Bean visit:Mr Bean on Facebookus on TwitterMr. Bean

Our Lives in a Blockchain-Powered Smart Economy | Eddy Travia | TEDxINSEAD - YouTube

Following an overview of the origins of blockchain technologies and their recent evolution, Eddy Travia explains how, in his view, the emergence of the blockchain-powered smart economy has the potential totransform our governance systems and how it impacts the social and economic interactions in our society. Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technology startups and the CEO of Coinsilium, a London-quoted venture builder, accelerator and investor in early-stage blockchain technology companies. In July 2013, following several years as a private equity fund manager in Greater China, Eddy co-founded Seedcoin, the world’s first global incubator of digital currency startups and, in May 2014, was named among the ‘Top 3 Most Influential Investors’ at the Blockchain Awards. Coinsilium was the first blockchain company to join a stock exchange via an IPO in 2015 (NEX:COIN). Eddy has led early-stage investments in 18 blockchain companies around the world including Factom, RSK, Blox and Indorse and has advised 15 ICOs which have collectively raised more than US$500 million (i.e. ICON, GBX, Fantom..). Eddy also regulary delivers keynote speeches on blockchain and advises corporates and regulators. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

freebitco in Recaptcha Solve Auto Roll Imacos Bot with 2captcha API - YouTube

freebitco in Recaptcha Solve Auto Roll Imacos Bot with 2captcha APIfreebitco in Recaptcha Solve Auto Roll Imacos Bot with 2captcha APIRecaptcha Bot: in Recaptcha Solve Auto Roll Imacos Bot with 2captcha API

Theory of Relativity in Hindi | Albert Einstein | Time Travel | Length Contraction and Time Dilation - YouTube

Theory of Relativity in Hindi Albert Einstein Time Travel Length Contraction and Time DilationThis is SHYAM TOMAR and welcomes to Tech & Myths#TheoryOfRelativityAlbert Einstein is only scientists who did thought experiment and then prove that thought experiment mathematically. general theory of relativity explained by albert einstein at the starting of the 20th century. If you have ever seen albert einstein biography then you will definitely love albert einstein. because he gave revolutionary concepts in physics. He gave general theory of relativity in hindi. and time travel in hindi concept was a revolutionary concept. In the time travel concept, albert einstein explained length contraction and time dilation.Theory of Relativity – A Brief HistoryThe Theory of Relativity, proposed by the Jewish physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) in the early part of the 20th century, is one of the most significant scientific advances of our time. Although the concept of relativity was not introduced by Einstein, his major contribution was the recognition that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant and an absolute physical boundary for motion. This does not have a major impact on a person's day-to-day life since we travel at speeds much slower than light speed. For objects travelling near light speed, however, the theory of relativity states that objects will move slower and shorten in length from the point of view of an observer on Earth. Einstein also derived the famous equation, E = mc2, which reveals the equivalence of mass and energy. When Einstein applied his theory to gravitational fields, he derived the "curved space-time continuum" which depicts the dimensions of space and time as a two-dimensional surface where massive objects create valleys and dips in the surface. This aspect of relativity explained the phenomena of light bending around the sun, predicted black holes as well as the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMB) -- a discovery rendering fundamental anomalies in the classic Steady-State hypothesis. For his work on relativity, the photoelectric effect and blackbody radiation, Einstein received the Nobel Prize in 1921.Einstein’s theories of both special and general relativity have been confirmed to be accurate to a very high degree over recent years, and the data has been shown to corroborate many key predictions; the most famous being the solar eclipse of 1919 bearing testimony that the light of stars is indeed deflected by the sun as the light passes near the sun on its way to earth. The total solar eclipse allowed astronomers to -- for the first time -- analyse starlight near the edge of the sun, which had been previously inaccessible to observers due to the intense brightness of the sun. It also predicted the rate at which two neutron stars orbiting one another will move toward each other. When this phenomenon was first documented, general relativity proved itself accurate to better than a trillionth of a percent precision, thus making it one of the best confirmed principles in all of physics. Applying the principle of general relativity to our cosmos reveals that it is not static. Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) demonstrated in 1928 that the Universe is expanding, showing beyond reasonable doubt that the Universe sprang into being a finite time ago. The most common contemporary interpretation of this expansion is that this began to exist from the moment of the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago. However this is not the only plausible cosmological model which exists in academia, and many creation physicists such as Russell Humphreys and John Hartnett have devised models operating with a biblical framework, which -- to date -- have withstood the test of criticism from the most vehement of opponents.Moreover, the very physical nature of time and space also suggest a Creator, for infinity and eternity must necessarily exist from a logical perspective. The existence of time implies eternity (as time has a beginning and an end), and the existence of space implies infinity. The very concepts of infinity and eternity infer a Creator because they find their very state of being in God, who transcends both and simply is.For all updates :LIKE My Facebook PageMe on Twitterwebsiteby:Heart of Nowhere by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Source:

Islamic marriage: a true virgin. - YouTube

You can watch the full documentary online at DocsOnlineon our OnDemand Vimeo channel: buying this documentary on Vimeo you help us making these videos. Feel free to share our work!If unavailable in your territory, or if you are interested in other license requests (feature movie, television, documentary, commercial...), please contact MM Filmproducties: mmprod@nbf.nlStoryIn this beautiful, poetic and deeply personal film, Moroccan filmmaker Fatima Jebli Ouazzani investigates the status accorded women in Islamic marriage customs and the continuing importance of virginity. At the age of 18 Fatima defied tradition, leaving home and escaping the likelihood of the same kind of oppressive marriage that had plagued the lives of her mother and grandmother. Fatima has not spoken with them for 16 years. Now 34, unmarried and no longer a virgin, she returns to her beautiful country of birth to confront her family with her views,

Keys 'N Krates - Dum Dee Dum - YouTube

Never miss my latest Uploads! All News, all Information up to date on my Facebook-Page: can also write me a message there if you have a song request. Unfortunately, my app is no longer supported. It's too much work, becouse you had to redownload the App for every new song in the List. I'm searching for another Solution.Now you can follow me on Twitter:can't offer you an downloadlink, becouse I do not own the Audio in my videos. You can probably use an Youtube-Downloader.And for the Haters: Yeah. There are Ads in my videos, but I don't get money for tracks with copyrights. The copyright owner get all proceeds. But I can upload it.The visualizations and animation used in this video were created by Catlinman.Website:

Free imacros script higher and lower bot with less risk 2019

Get the script on my telegram channel :or contact me : 08113517807Youtube Channel : some of my free tools on my telegram channel belowTelegram Channel : : link :option : wallet : forget to click on the subscribe button

Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years - Truly Heart-warming - YouTube

Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years - Truly Heart-warming. Beautiful video of a lion seeing its owner after a long time of being separated. Animals seeing their owner after years of time. Lions sees its adoptive dad after being separated for 7 years. Truly amazing. Best animal video ever!Submit your footage to my channel:Want to submit your own clips for a future videos if so get in contact with us: toprealm@yahoo.comDISCLAIMER: By submitting videos to TopRealm YouTube Channel, you acknowledge that you grant TopRealm a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license (not ownership) to display, promote, monetize, or modify your video for commercial use.Where I Stream: me: email: toprealm@yahoo.comMusic:LAKEY INSPIRED Moving On

Iron Man OST - Mark II - YouTube

from Iron Man 2008 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:"Mark II"Composed by Ramin Djawadi

Rust veteran defends raid against salty clan (200 IQ)

Seems like they never learned their lesson....STREAMING DAILY AGAIN: The Bravery Above And Below2. Alt J - Hunger of The Pine*Copyright disclaimer! I don't own this song featured in the video nor do I monetize my videos. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. For promotional purposes only. If you want this video removed, contact me please!

Letgo App Review & Tutorial - YouTube

I show how to buy and sell on the app Letgo, available on IOS and Android. If you've used the app tell me what you think of the app in comment section or if you have questions please comment them. you for watching Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share.twitter: salamx1976snapchat: salamx1976instagram: salamx1976myfitnesspal: salamx1976eBay: salamx

Gelecekte hangi mesleği seçmeliyim? - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE ► ALL VIDEOS ► you know what is one of the questions that I'm most afraid of? The first question asked to the warm the atmosphere when you go to a barber or take a taxi: "What do you do for a living?" When I face with this kind question I want to answer "I busy my self with trifles." but I don't. Nowadays, I want to say "YouTuber", but I don't know if it would be understood. Then I want to say: "Founder and creative director of a multidisciplinarydigital media agency" which I cannot say. The job I did 5 years ago will be total nonsense: "Techonology evangelist in a company that produces design softwares for creative professionals". Then I tend to say the job I did 10 years ago. Because the computer is common in all the jobs I did, I just say "computer operator". Then of course you have to be prepared for the second question: "The other day, one of my nephews inserted a CD to my computer and some virus or something is spread or something, lots of windows opens up and it disgraces me for everyone, how can we fix it?" Of course, nephew! Then try to explain them that you are not that kind of an operator. When I struggle through all these "defining profession" efforts, all hell breaks loose when the other person asks where I graduated from so as to help me: "I graduated from Law school." Then I add because of the confused glances: "There were no Youtube schools 20 years ago." The world changes rapidly, folks. There was no internet connection when I started working, well we cannot say there is now since it disconnects too much. Do you what we are going to say when we go to a barber or take a taxi in the future? "Barbers were human 20 years ago" or "Taxis wouldn't drive themselfs 20 years ago, humans would." Robot barber or artificially intelligent taxi won't be so shocked when we say these. Too dramatic? Let me go further. The departments you study or the schools you are graduated won't matter. I don't mean to say that proffesions or schools will end. Their traditional definitions and functions will change.The full text of the video, resources and links are on my website: Intelligence (2016)The Theory of Everything (2014)Higher Learning (1995)ADT ► ► WATCH ► ►

โค้ด php ดึงข้อมูลจากเว็บอื่น ตาม url ที่ต้องการ - YouTube

โค้ด php ดึงข้อมูลจากเว็บอื่น ตาม url ที่ต้องการ

'Manage' Your Way To Trading Success - YouTube

#Trading #Stocks #MoneyYou have to find the balance with regard to Trade Management between your personality, time and financial constraints. We are NOT all the same...which means that one management approach does not suit everyone. Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses...That is the key to management and trading success.Info@LiveTraders.Com for a $1, 30 day to our Live Trading Chat Room!

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Platinum Text Tutorial : Simple and Easy way - YouTube

Create a shiny, glittering Platinum Text with Adobe Photoshop CS6. In this tutorial we will learn to create Platinum text by blending options and brush tool. Please leave your comments and share your ideas and views.Background music : Free beat loopWeb tutorial : for watching !!

Ladki Ka Chakkar Hai Neend Nahi Aati ? | Relationship Advice QnA | Weekly Lifestyle - YouTube

Hello FriendsIn this video, I will be taking some of your questions related to relationship and life. I hope you like the video.Cheers !!My Instagram: theabhisheksagarTwitter: @iamasagarFacebook:

Facebook Hecking Relly ফেইসবোক হেকিং

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2019 Wonder Murphy Bed - YouTube

Dean takes us on a tour through the 2019 Wonder MB by Leisure Travel Vans. From the hidden queen-size Murphy Bed to the abundance of interior and exterior storage, every inch is utilized to its maximum potential in the Wonder. the Wonder: Tour: Resources: Upcoming dealer shows: Follow us on Instagram: #ExploreWithWonder