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I noticed sid's shirt

Olivi Yan

I'm here for you 💜❤🖤💙💛💚

Potato Dude

press read more



you grew up poor yet was the first in your family to go to college

nick crimten

Huh can't believe it's still uploading


there are 2 dead island easter egs! ive spotted one during a cut scene. i might make a video on it because no one has mentioned it yet


All that wasted Mio......

Zaffar Durrani

Your voice is sharp you have destroyed my year

McZon Robin

And Elsa and Merida will see each other and kill mordu again HAHAHA jk.

fox trax

Is that actually ur private field

Bob Bobberton

For the aliens colonial marines Easter egg, I say it's nice but they should have focused on making a decent game rather than this slag heap of a mess that we got and not focussing on putting in these Easter eggs!


fuk thats funny 1:42 hahaha


I don’t really feel empathy either, or at least not much of it. Say, I saw someone getting punched and kicked, I would only think, “Huh, sucks to be them!” Or I would smile, because seeing pain and suffering made me feel good, in a way. I still don’t quite understand my situation.


best easter eggs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGnVlpJEmUA

D,B technical point



I havnt even watch this video and I'm already saying "oh for fuck sake bro. Oh dear Lord save me" 😂

Pham Anh Tuan


Jesse Stormer

There's a tiny Chinese man statuette on one of the mountains in dragon pass. Specifically: the one in the center of the map. 

Nozzle Loafs Lancer

A rock

Michael Phillips

3:28Thank me later


8 years only for a rat😂💔

Patrick Duffy

that was the best


Pony easter eggs?

Ian Psalm

Am i The Only One who thinks that she should of Muted Her phone.......?