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Shiloh Bermejo

can you do thankgiving sterotype


I don't know why all the comments keep making Fortnite jokes, this is a very serious matter.

Casper Adriaenssens

You need somthing that sound can go through for example a gas or air but in space there is nothing to go through

Stance Nation

This was 5 years ago!

Elion Celja

Wait wait IF it was 1918 how are you living now

Bay Boy Den


Klay Thompson

None of them

Kaustubh Jaiswal

I think ping pong balls are all paid actors

Rubyrose Arellano

I'm introvert person I can't socialize more of them my peers I use to bow my head than sayin hello. Even the simpliest Hi/Hello I can't say :(

Davide Rossini




Kyle Steiner

Brodie Smith has aimbot, 3000 likes

Midnight Co.

Made by GkUiRdU

•Sky_ Søul135••可亲焙135•

Storyboard Jesus???? Art: fire???


the fckin arm on ty

Chicken Nuggets


I Am Venom

Is Steve the panda?

Teco Taco

lmao this girl a slut

Jk _Gaming

5:15 😂😂

Vito Kahn

кто руский?


Jordan Mc

Sorry, not even DP could make me want to see that movie

CodeHurricane Studios

You must not think that your boyfriend is already yours or dont make him your world

Sammy thebee

2019 anyone?


18 backflip

Jamie’s Channel of pure sexiness and poetry

I swear no one likes the ginger

Kikojasper Calixtro

Do you know the rules of physics. If you will think that things they do.


Had To React 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🏾

Gabriel Banks

the definition of loyalty 💯💙🙏🏽🏁


1:45 same like last video

Basketball Beast

I shared it and subscribed

Certified Memelord

Metal Detecting Stereotypes please


a chicken walks up to a public library and says...Bok bok bok

Bentheman Xiong

I just realized Cory had a beard in this video


Why would you ever join a tv show included with a ”wheel unfortunate” 😅. Just kidding! A nice show though.

tommy latour

keep up the god work and good hunt!

Scootercat 1.0

Omg Link and zelda together ❤️❤️❤️

Lady: oh good. I'll do anything!!!

Shadow Deslar

Elite dangerous

Aadhithya Dinesh

Blue team

Joy Aycock

Way to go Dude Perfect! God's❤


You never look good trying to make someone else look bad!


5:11 headshot!5:14 headshot!


I don't know if I'd be able to reach such a level of wisdom if I couldn't conceive and have my baby. Wow

Big Troll

very good

When he drew the girl thinking that she'll fail is what i relate to. When i tell my parents something negative, they tell me to stop or stop talking

Nick NYR Fan

Man Ricky is not just good at racing he is good at every sport

luna the galaxy lunar wolf

I hope Garrett is ok :(

Galaxy Plays

I got surgery on my testcle my balls but I’m not the only one the got the surgery other people suffered the pain


Standby for Titanfall

Gaming Sanesss

If i were Brown haired girl i would take the dog and ran out of house

hye Mi

San: Let's go to billboard

Como Dino