How I take notes on my iPad Pro in medical school - Cambridge University medical student - YouTube

📝My favourite iPad Screen Protector - Paperlike - this video, we talk about my strategy for taking notes with the iPad and Apple Pencil. I use an iPad Pro but would probably recommend the new 2018 iPad with Apple Pencil if you're buying a new one. We talk about the benefits of taking notes with an iPad vs traditional methods, we talk about Notability vs OneNote (I prefer Notability), and I share various techniques of note-taking that I use in lectures, seminars and hospital placements. Enjoy xx🌍 My website / blog - 🎙My weekly podcast - 📸 Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - favourite iPad Screen Protector - Paperlike - Where I get my music from (amazing for YouTubers) - My YouTube Camera Gear - - iPad vs hand-writing vs typed up notes.03:19 - iPad Pro vs normal iPad with Apple pencil04:18 - Notability vs OneNote - Which one I use06:54 - How I take notes with Notability in lectures08:31 - How I take notes in seminars with handouts09:27 - How I take notes in clinical settings + split screen mode11:07 - Annotating PDFs with Notability and iPad11:41 - Sheet music annotation12:16 - How I use the iPad to take notes in day-to-day life13:03 - Wrap upWho am I:I'm Ali, a junior doctor working in Cambridge, UK. I make videos about medicine, technology, productivity and lifestyle design. I also have a weekly podcast with my brother (and I write a weekly email newsletter that contains some quick thoughts + links to interesting things (My website / blog - most popular videos:- How I take notes on my iPad Pro in medical school - How to study for exams - Evidence based revision tips - How I ranked 1st at Cambridge University - The Essay Memorisation Framework - My productivity desk setup - in Touch:If you’d like to talk, I’d love to hear from you. I much prefer email to other forms of communication, so feel free to drop me a line at

Passport Size Photo Using MS Word in Hindi| How to Create Passport Size Photo in Word - YouTube

Learn How to Create Passport Size Photo in Ms Word Step by Step Hindi Tutorial to Guide you Size of Passport Type Photo, Page Size and how to set Multiple Photos in One Page. It is a useful trick to develop and Print Passport type photos at home using MS Word. For this Task You have No Need to Learn Photoshop and Corel Draw, it is easy to make it in Microsoft word. Helpful in all Types of computer courses such as RSCIT, CCC, O level, PGDCA, Basic Computer course etc. You can Learn and Improve Your Basic computer skill as well as Office Productivity Skill.Thanks for Watching!!!Have a Nice Day!Watch all MS Office Tutorials- for RSCIT, CCC , O Leveland PGDCA Courses-Our Website:Our Blog:Our Facebook Page:Subscribe to Our Channel

Rooftops (Heavy Action) - Call of Duty: Black Ops Music Extended - YouTube

Call of Duty: Black Ops music that has been extended to play for half an hour.Playlist:

How Deep Neural Networks Work - YouTube

Find the rest of the How Neural Networks Work video series in this free online course:gentle introduction to the principles behind neural networks, including backpropagation. Rated G for general audiences. Follow me for announcements: the blog:the slides:

Americans Forced To Comply By 2020—No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed - YouTube

Here's the link that goes with the video: THE TEA: www.getthetea.comSUPER TEA: GET STARTED WITH NOBLE: Started With Noble Bitcoin: NOBLE: 1-888-596-7916Get the Noble Free E-Book: involved in the Trade Genius Academy: aVPN with Virtual Shield: The Tea: Food STORAGE: Call My Patriot Supply at 1-888-204-0144DONATE To Lisa Haven Via Patreon: Via Bitcoin: 1KCxsVFgpoSV5v3n4yYaFC5XPegXNBWgVBDONATE Via Litecoin: LNDZVf2Ysp55j3Ra89aM74F22S4baqBEetSubscribe to My Website at: to My VLOG/Backup Channel: Me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google Plus: More Information See:


Biasakan nonton sampai habis, agar tidak distorsi informasi.Video sudah saya buat sebaik-baiknya.Manfaatkan Wifi dan paket data gratis.Be smart viewer.Enjooy.Aplikasi: Bonus Invite - CKVVCP9Bonus: Bonus - U3M969GCara buat akun Paypal: mencairkan uang dari Paypal: sudah SUBSCRIBE.LIKE, SHARE dan Comment.Unik comment = PIN.Good luck.BONUS! Klaim 10ribu yg sering ditanyakan:- Edit pake apa? Filmora dan Power Director (android)- Voucher Indodax itu apa? Voucnher yang bisa Anda claim dan langsung masuk ke saldo Indodax.Voucher Indodax:BTC-IDR-ZHOVP-CGLZA-QUMPA-WPCOHBTC-IDR-FGR0W-K8ZRT-ZFUKM-5WNUOBTC-IDR-CVD3X-K9QBO-ZGDBG-DQOBG

How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years | Daniel Ally | TEDxBergenCommunityCollege - YouTube

When most people say they want to be a millionaire, they’re really saying that they want to spend one million dollars. Besides winning the lotto or inheriting money, you’ll learn three key elements used by the most successful people who have ever lived. You’ll not only be able to learn how to become a millionaire, but you’ll learn the real reason of why it helps our society to alleviate poverty. This valuable session offers the solutions that you’ll need to be successful for the rest of your life, whether you want to be a millionaire or not.Daniel Ally became a self-made millionaire at the age of 24.It all started when he realized that he was living far below his potential. After years of drug abuse and failing at life, Daniel was fed up. One day, he went to his local library and searched endlessly for truth. After discovering a few books, he decided to turn his life around. For many years, Daniel gave thousands of speeches, reached millions of people, and built successful companies, making Daniel a millionaire in the process. Search on the internet and you’ll find that TIME, Fortune, Business Insider, Yahoo, and other major publications have enjoyed Daniel’s work. He is also a top contributor on Entrepreneur Magazine. He is the author of two best-selling books, which can be found in 46 different countries in thousands of libraries. From billionaires in Boston to amateurs in Austin, Daniel has traveled to hundreds of cities, shaking hands and connecting with all kinds of people across the globe.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

‫أخطر تطبيقات مراقبة واتساب عن بعد منتشرة عند الغرب | احذر منها😨!!‬‎

dir="rtl"رابط تحميل تطبيق VPNova:راوبط تحميل التطبيقات المذكورة في الفيديو تجدونها هنا:

comment effacer toutes vos publications Facebook avec un seul clic - YouTube

1- pour mieux visualiser cette vidéo, en bas a droite sur la roue dentée, régler la qualité de la vidéo sur 720 HD.dans cette vidéo vous allez découvrir comment vous pouvez effacer d'un seul coup toutes vos publications Facebbok concernant votre compte, et vous pouvez aussi déterminer, la période qui concernant cette effacement.lien du téléchargement de l'application :

23 Travel Hacks (Airplane Tips) - YouTube

Here are 23 travel hacks for you that have solved a problem for me over the years.A NEW 33 TRAVEL HACKS VIDEO IS LINKED BELOW.My tips will help you when you are packing your carryon suitcase.You will see some tricks to use in the airplane as well as learn hacks for going through the airport. We fly very often, and these travel hacks have become a way of life for me that will help you. I talk about cell phone hacks, packing hacks, hotel room hacks, and backpack tips; plus the one brilliant hack I just heard of.Leave me a comment if you have a travel hack to share.Thanks so much for watching my videos, friends!My Hack Helpers:My Liquids Bag: Phone Prop: Slim-Line Power Bank: Pink Power Bank: Containers: Disc Containers: Jewelry Bag (similar): CarryOn Suitcase: Travel Tunic: Today Article: to Use Google Maps Remotely: Paper Soap: Videos You May Like:over and say hi:Instagram: @traveltipsbylaurieOccasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions that POP into my head are my honest ones.

The 2 Key Elements Of My Most Consistent Strategy - Steve Primo - YouTube

Originally presented on 12/12/13Join Steven Primo, Former Stock Exchange Specialist and 37 year professional trader, as he reveals The 2 Key Elements Of My Most Consistent Strategy. Steven will not only share, but walk you through the process of applying these concepts to your own trading. You'll discover how these techniques not only work for position traders, but can be applied tointraday trading as well. With a special focus on Pattern Recognition, Steven will also display recent trade signals from his own proprietary trading method that incorporates these 2 elements - Strategy #4.About the presenterSteve Primo has been actively involved in trading the markets for over 36 years. His trading tenure began in 1977 when he was hired to work as a Floor Reporter, or "runner," on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange. Mr. Primo reached the pinnacle of his floor-trading career when he became a Stock Exchange Specialist for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jennrette. As a Specialist, he was responsible for making markets in over 50 stocks, a position Mr. Primo held for 9 years.Mr. Primo left the Stock Exchange floor in 1994 to focus on managing money and to teach his own unique approach to trading the markets. Scores of students, from beginner to advanced levels, have gone on to become successful traders after being introduced to Mr. Primo's proprietary methods of trading. Mr. Primo teaches his strategies through his website and the pro trading website

Plastic Bottle Design With Solidworks - YouTube

You can make a plastic bottle design. Just watch this video and do it. Thanks for watching.

Come Scaricare ed Installare Google Chrome

Tutorial su come scaricare ed installare Google Chrome GRATIS sul nostro computer.Download Google Chrome: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Articolo completo: web: Plus:

3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten - Pt9 - YouTube

Put your like and write your comments, if you liked this video!Instagram: ► Number 1. George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - boxing match that was held on October 30th, 1974 in the city of Kinshasa, Zaire. This fight is often regarded as one of the greatest boxing matches of the XX th century, it was held in tropical conditions, during the rain and high humidity period. The duel ended in 8th round with the victory of Mohammed Ali. 4:00 Number 2. Iran Barkley vs Roberto Duran – February 28 th 1989 was the day when, as it was later revealed, the fight of the year took place, in which Roberto Duran was fighting for the WBC title which at that time was held by Iran Berkley. He was a favourite and has got half a million dollars for that fight while Duran was rewarded with 325 thousands.11:00 Number 3. Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan - January 25th, 1995 in London took place the fight which was later revealed to be one of the most tragic fights in the history of boxing. That night Nigel and Gerald decided who was worthy of the WBC belt. SEE MORE▼ ► How Floyd Mayweather lost to Jose Luis Castillo - ► Mike Tyson vs Titans - Brutal Knockouts - ► An Amazing Boxer Who Will Never Be Forgotten - Wladimir Klitschko - #Fight #Punch

Gilberto Santa Rosa - Te Amare (Cover Audio) - YouTube

Video musical oficial de Te Amare de Gilberto Santa Rosa de su álbum, De Cara al Viento.Comprar De Cara al Viento: Gilberto Santa Rosa en Spotify: el canal de Gilberto Santa Rosa: un vistazo a más vídeos de Salsa: el Social:Facebook: de Gilberto Santa Rosa:Gilberto Santa Rosa - Por Como Van las Cosas: Santa Rosa - Quién Lo Diría: Santa Rosa - Perdóname: Letras:A pesar que algunas veces discutimosY a la cara nos decimos tres verdadesEl amor que te juré aún sigue vivoComo el fuego que tuenciendes al tocarmeA pesar que todo el día me la pasoSumergido aquí en mi mundo de problemasAprovecho esta ocasión para que sepasQue a pesar de todo vida yo te amoY te amaré ...por siempre te amaréTú sabes bien que siempre ha sido asíQue a pesar de mis olvidos tu dolor me duele a miQue algunas veces solo rio para verte sonreir

How to see and cancel sent requests on Instagram! - Android

Ever wondered how to see all of the follow requests you have sent to private profiles on instagram?It is a little tricky to find, but in this video I show you how to find it in your settings!If you don't use the instagram app, you can find it in browser by going to


WEIRD BEAUTY TRICKSDid you know that you already have one of the most effective beauty tools at home? Scotch tape is incredibly multifunctional! You can use it to smooth wrinkles and to tape neck to look thinner and younger. Moreover, you can use it to make your belly look thinner. Another cool idea is to use tape for the manicure! Pimples are very embarrassing and may appear suddenly and in the most inappropriate moment: before the date or birthday. Check out a recipe to remember: mix aspirin with water and apply till a pimple is gone. You can make any shadows you like after watching our video! You will need Vaseline, glitter, and pigment. Microwave for 2 minutes. Ready! If you don’t have a perfect figure, there are a lot of ways to look perfect! If your dress looks not so good and you feel uncomfortable, use shapewear! Besides, it’s a great solution if you have an important event and want to look stunning. It’s helpful not only for women with excess weight but also for women who want to hide cellulite or creases in the belly and hip areas. Most of us don’t like when it’s hot outside and one of the most annoying problems is touching thighs. Use baby shampoo to forget about this problem.We share with you an easy lifehack on how to make your waist look smaller without shapewear. Simply wrap your belly with plastic wrap. Don’t wrap it too tight especially if you are planning an active day. Check out makeup tricks to make your face look thinner. Use a makeup technique called "contouring" to create the illusion of slimmer cheeks, thinner nose, and bigger lips. You just need to learn how to use dark and light tones correctly. The key rule to remember is to darken everything you want to hide and to lighten everything you want to highlight. Remember that you can use tweezers to highlight your nose.TIMESTAMPS:00:09 Forget about wrinkles00:39 Sticky tape hack for your belly01:50 Cool manicure design04:46 Hacks for curvy girls15:31 Fun ways to curl hair09:34 How to choose a foundation----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Social Media:Facebook: to 5-Minute MAGIC: to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: Bright Side of Youtube: more videos and articles visit:by Epidemic Sound:

Scrape Websites with Python + Beautiful Soup 4 + Requests -- Coding with Python - YouTube

Coding with Python -- Scrape Websites with Python + Beautiful Soup + Python RequestsScraping websites for data is often a great way to do research on any given idea. This tutorial takes you through the steps of using the Python libraries Beautiful Soup 4 (and Python Requests (code available under "Actions" here: for Python is a series of videos designed to help you better understand how to use python. Assumes basic knowledge of python.View all my videos: our Newsletter:few ways to learn Django, Python, Jquery, and more:Coding For Entrepreneurs: (includes free projects and free setup guides. All premium content is just $25/mo). Includes implementing Twitter Bootstrap 3,, django, south, pip, django registration, virtual environments, deployment, basic jquery, ajax, and much more.On Udemy:Bestselling Udemy Coding for Entrepreneurs Course:(reg $99, this link $49)MatchMaker and Geolocator Course:(advanced course, reg $75, this link: $39)Marketplace & Dail Deals Course:(advanced course, reg $75, this link: $39)Free Udemy Course (80k+ students):Fact! This Course was Funded on Kickstarter:

Michael Jackson - World Music Awards (1996) - YouTube


Want to know the TOP mistakes content creators make? Watch this!This video is all about giving advice for content creators, including: social media mistakes to avoid, how to be successful on social media, and more importantly how to be a successful content creator. These social media tips 2019 will help you learn how to make money on social media 2019, how to create content online, and also how to be a content creator in general.If you also want to learn content creation hacks, or any content creation strategies 2019 (including my best advice for new youtubers), you don't want to miss this video!ADVICE FOR CONTENT CREATORS (8 MISTAKES you NEED to AVOID!)#CONTENTCREATOR #SOCIALMEDIATIPS **YOUTUBE EQUIPMENT I USE**:Backdrop Stand:backdrop: (Vlogging + Filming - I have 2 types!):Stand:Over Microphone:Microphone (perfect for outdoor shoots or more flexibility in general!):Plug-In Charger (to keep your camera running all the time without it dying):Remote:Vanessa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to*** JOIN THE FEARLESS BOSS NETWORK***a fearless boss means that you're a high potential BOSS that's aspiring for more and that you always choose your faith over fear... even when it's hard. This is a support group for anyone who needs help to take the leap in order to jump straight into their dreams, and who wants to surround themselves with high-vibe, like-minded people to mastermind with.When you join The Fearless Boss Network, you not only have access to the support of other successful, like-minded people, but you also have access to FREE trainings and resources from me! It's basically like my Youtube content but personalized to the people that are exclusively in this group.Sounds good to you? REQUEST TO JOIN! HI ON SOCIAL:Website: PRIVATE 1:1 COACHING PROGRAM***

mengatasi Tromol aus !!! rem habis !!! akalin tanpa biaya. 100%WORK. awet seumur hidup - YouTube

tips cara memperbaiki tromol dalem atau aus, rem habis, lengkap. tanpa biaya.

how to bypass facebook login aproval 100%[ work] - YouTube

how to bypass facebook login approval.

How to Make $1,000+ Per DAY with Affiliate Marketing! - YouTube

In this video, I share how I make over $1,000 profit per day with Affiliate Marketing in 2017. I include 3 actionable tips for how you can take your affiliate marketing to the next level as a beginner.► My A-Z Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Course (Limited Time 50% OFF with Coupon "LEARN"): FREE Affiliate Marketing Training *NEW*: My FREE Clickfunnels Mini-Course: EVERYTHING Online Business: spent a lot of time on this video so please THUMBS UP and COMMENT if you found it helpful :-)If you're new to my channel, my name is Odi and I'm a 24 y/o Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketing Expert. I first started by doing Amazon Associates affiliate marketing then branching out to other affiliate networks and more profitable niches. Affiliate marketing is the best source of passive income IMHO and has allowed me to live in my dream home and drive my dream car, a Porsche 911 Turbo. Make sure to check out my other videos for more!►FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @odi_productionsHow to Make Passive Income 2019: 4 Passive Income Ideas for 2019:HONEST Clickfunnels Review: Best Affiliate Program for 2019: #passiveincome #odiproductions

Animated GIFs and Space vs Time - Computerphile - YouTube

Whether its the Darwin Award nominees or simply another crazy cat, animated GIFs have a lot to answer for. They're also a perfect example of one of Computer Science's fundamental principles - Tom Scott explains.More from Tom Scott: and NOT to Store Passwords: Text Compression: video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran's Numberphile. See the full list of Brady's video projects at:

Best Wireless Charger - What to Buy? - YouTube

Apples product is dead in the water - and the alternatives vary WILDLY in price. In this video I compare 10 options and tell you about build, compatibility and usability.All links below localize to your domestic Amazon store:Top Quality: Cheapest: Best Value flat: Best Value Standing: Best flat build quality: All Units tested:1. 10w Anker: 10w AUKEY: 3. 10w RAVpower: 4. 10w Anker again: 5. Apple Logo: 6. Yacikos – cheapest: 7. Niilkin - cool design: 8. Yootech – Great value: 9. Yootech cradle - Best Value: 10. Belkin - best overall: Phone Cases shown: Wood/resin: wood case: Battery case: Transparent drop case: USB travel charger:


This new scamming strategy will earn you DIAMOND LOCKS!I've been using it for some time and thinked to shareit with you guys! Subscribing would really help :)Credits:► Kasger Limitless - Miles away (by NCS):Desmeon - Hellcat (by NCS): Soundstabs - Frag out (by NCS): Intro created by: TEXT TUTORIALHello, this is the text tutorial of this tutorial. I really suggest watching the video tutorial and pausing the video to read the text.Basically, you must create a noob world and bc/cb/msg that you need actors for youtube who are willing to help you with the video. You tell everyone the story, which should be something like this: "The story is about a noob who creates a nub world and asks for donations. Actors need to be donators, but you don't actually have to donate! I will give you the world key and photoshop your green name to white, and my white name to green - then the viewers will think that I am the owner and you are donating. Actually you may take the items back". The actors will fake-donate in the spikes donation area, thinking that they will just take the items back. Once they donate enough, you speedhack+antibounce and steal the items!This is for educational purposes only. I do not encourage/recommend you to cheat or hack. This video is for educational purposes only. I do not encourage you to cheat or hack.

U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 departure at Zurich Airport - insane STOL takeoff!!! - YouTube

United States Air Force | Boeing C-17A Globemaster III | 06-6167----------Today, a C17 of the USAF brought some freight to Zurich airport for Donald Trump's WEF visit. Pushback from the W apron, smokey engine startup, loud taxiing past the observation deck and takeoff on runway 16. The aircraft lifted off at a very steep angle after a few hundred meters, reduced speed and angle!!Frachtflug für Donald Trumps bevorstehenden WEF Besuch. Video beinhaltet Abfertigung, rauchiger Triebwerksstart und einen sehr kurzen und anfangs steilen Start von der Piste 16.

Web Scraping Yahoo Finance With Excel VBA - YouTube

Link to workbook: Website:

Wipe Any PC in 2 Minutes! - Redkey USB - YouTube

Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at the G.Skill Trident Royal Z DDR4 Ram hereAmazon: investigate a USB key that claims to irreversibly destroy data. Disclaimer: The only way to guarantee data removal is to physically destroy the disc.Buy the RedKey USBOn Indiegogo: on the forum: Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Binbot Pro Automated Trading Software! Don't Do These Mistakes!! Live Trading - YouTube

BINBOT PRO official website➡️Pro Review app➡️is an important Bin Bot Pro video update. Binbot Pro automated trading software is a short-term expiry robot. We have discussed the mistakes people are doing with Binbot Pro setting robot. Automated robots are not money-making machines so you have to handle them carefully. You should not turn the Binbot Pro auto trader for a longer period. Otherwise, the result might be bad. You shouldn't trade during big news release or big exchanges like LSE or NYSE opening and closing times. Binbot Pro platform is user-friendly and Binbot Pro trader support is available 24/5. Binbot Pro withdrawal is hassle-free and we have withdrawn money a couple of times. Read the detailed Binbot Pro robots review on binary options doctor website.▼EU REGULATED and MOST TRUSTED BROKERS▼✔ VIDEFOREX (USA Binary Broker)➡️BinaryCent (Eurpean Broker)➡️Email Us Anytime! binaryoptionsdoctor@gmail.comFaceBook: Verified Blog: #binbot #daxrobot

Automobile Ärgernisse 1980 - YouTube

Ein paar weitere Ärgernisse aus dem Jahre 1980