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Get yours now: (affiliate)Join me today for a LIVE unboxing and Q&A session about the Canon M50. This long-awaited mirrorless camera is the first consumer camera from Canon to feature 4K video. We'll take a look at the camera and then have a discussion about the features and functionality. Then I'll open the show to a Q&A session where I can field your questions about the Canon EOS M50. I will also include some of your questions in the detailed review to follow!Other products discussed in this video:Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone: (affiliate)IK Multimedia iRig Pre Microphone Interface: (affiliate)FOLLOW ME:Instagram: (thank you for the support!!!)

Phú Nguyễn

Basketball tricks shots

What liberal use of coconut milk 😂 anyone making this, please enjoy in moderation.

Eugene Komashkov

Hey, Guru! Can you please tell what capture card did you use to record that gameplay? It looks really nice and I thinking to by myself one. But don't know what to choose. Thanks!


Did you guys really used TNT?!


Is fake controler dont connect that far.


Do it for the hollagram!!! Combined all three into one! Bam! 😂

Ashir Ejaz

this is a fake story cause she said her surgery was today then how could she tell things that should happend after a month like hair grow

Prankster GangsterYT

Lord of the rings

Glitchy Pojke

They don’t even watch a movie

Zach Rosenburg


Alex Munch

Let’s hope they don’t mess the sequel up.


the one with the chest wasnt an easter egg it was a fail in the game... we can call it a bug, the reason for this chest and a few others like it is that all shop keepers have a chest to store the items in and therefore those chests got hidden they werent supposed to be useable

Naczelna Komentatorka Youtuba

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Faatih Bin siddique

ok i find it a little confusing but i kinda understand this their going to look for the truth about their past like how she gained powers or how did their parents die and while searching they might ve time travelledmy opinion no hate


Do net gun trickshots

Amal Deepak

You guys should make more videos in the origin series.

Nerdy Cat


IcedNoobs Gaming

Hey, can I use your motivational, and really inspirational videos in my vids, the sound, I'm a gaming channel and think it'd help get your word to ppl who are less likely to listen to it normally

Olivia Ranucci


Rafael De Vera

When Cody has the camera he eats it🤣

Maria Liz

My mom just wanted a normal child .


“I’m not sure how old she was” *2 seconds later* “my mother was a stubborn 40 year old women”

Cover by Kat

Im 20 and ive had vertigo at least 5 times in my lifetime. This vid was really funny so i dont mind having to debate. Love u guys!!!

Zayan Dragneel

I'm not crying I'm just sweating through my eyes


Did anyone notice that naughty dog forgot (Crash Bandicoot)

Savvy Lee

You were 5 months pregnant when you have birth? What?

Jada K

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metro blaster

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Shalina Rizal

I love this song the beat is on point and the lyrics 😍 It just appear in ads and as I was about to skip it the beat caught my ears and I end up listening to it and after the ad I've search the KQ Entertainment😅


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Elsie S

you should make one with NHL goalies 


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Zachary Brown

At 0:40 Ty didn't step on the base 😂

The Big Rat Gaming

0:41 when you hit that bolt action no-scope

Trung Nguyen


aman Verma

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I.Y Niko 663

Grand dead hunter 5

Jarod And Jules

are they real guns

Aaron Yang

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Irawan 321

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Wasteland Wizard

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