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I almost always bet on Colby and Cory (Cuz' they obviously know what they're doing)

Louis Rosenberg

first video of theirs i saw

Manik Kreator

This is exactly how it feels 💀


Nice mods for most of your vids.

Rumaisa Shahid

this is so fake

The worst with MCDD is this: It is kind of autism, But it also contains symptoms related to BPD and symptoms related to schizophrenia and these symptoms do overlap with each other and once that happens, it is downright crippling. It was also super hard to treat it, because the therapies that worked for BPD related symptoms do not work the moment my schizophrenia-like symptoms pop up. And for a long ass time no one had a clue what I had and how to treat me because they were so confused on what the hell was doing on with me.

Dre Montoya

Yeah, 3 of the airplanes engines burned out, and we went into a tailspin, crashed into a hillside, the plane exploded into a giant fireball, and everybody died! Except for me, y'know why? Cuz I had my tray table up, and my seat back in the full upright position!

Сергей Алексеевич

Интересно , сколько вг заплатил им за рекламу 🤔



I don't know if to laugh or cry from the fact that I have all of those symptoms

Moneyless R

It was all a dream I used to read word up magazine

adventures with cousins

Tyler got mega big nipples hangin to da floor 10 times bigger dan before and now dey dragin on the concrete wit cuts on dem nips OH OH OH


Your pretty stupid why dont you try it for your self because it worked for me and i have the notched pickaxe (no mod) its right were he said it is and THERE ALL REAL fucking idiot!

Sean Leuschner

it's not leonara Johnson, it's jock cranleys wife, u didn't do ur research

Boy: will you ever leave me?


There is also a horse named Trojan showed in the video that you didn't talk about, a reference to the famous Trojan horse from the Iliad



Joe Brunton

Guru with that cheeky like to dislike ratio! Keep up the great work :)

randy oliveira

No jump street has slides where is jump street

- kkiri -

Oh snap the song Ready Set Go! We learned that song in church...

D_o_n_t_f_o_r_g_e_t_h_e_k_i_d_s _g_a_c_h_a

3:49 it looks like The Rapist


This video is 4:20 minutes long... ❤️

Mya's Creations

The Office👌


Is this another mumble rapper yikes

Joshua Staffier


Not Shrimpo

Top 3 reasons of deforestation -pollution -paper products -spilling a smoothie on Ty’s car

Amaris Valdez

You should make a palette about your dogs. Showing like what you call them and how they mean to you

Shinichi Kudo

Can't believe I'm actually watching this shit

LMG Specter

Who’s watching in 2018??!!

We be all day, loooove!!! (puppy) loooove!!!🎵

Anika Palmer

I once threw up from cramps

Steave Noot

It's a pretty blatant fake. Look at how lightly he hits that ball, and how fast it goes in comparison. Although some og their vids do look pretty real...

Giovana Oliveira

-  A7X <3


Julio Jones

Tramaine Terrance

Hello, Humans.👋 Yinileon 🔥🔥 XVIDEOS 🇵🇷

Brian Cacini

Gmod is based off of half life


what i used to get told: "stop wasting time and get a job, & stick with it", well, i did that....... what a fool i was

bilal limbada

Respectful guy Tony.

Ps gr8 vids m8

Fluffy Wings

Florida sucks

amulya Reddy

Where is Cody

Erkan Agar

at 11:00 mark,i discovered it when roaming through te map,but didnt discover the ghost women,then again this can be an easter egg from uncharted 4,where you have similar sight but with pirates being poisoned at the table

Glaciador , The Glacier King

Love the Rudy Mancuso and Maia Mitchell cameo lol

adli izzudin

Why there's Matt Murdock mask and Wade Wilson mask? Is this mean MCU will bring Deadpool and Daredevil to the movies?

Hi I upload random videos Re



Avengers end game

YoU got gunnies record

emirhan altun

Semih saygıner

nayeon is a cute bunny

They snapped with the vocals😍

Fox Club

Why does this remind me of Aphmau and Aaron???


What does this Symbols mean? A UFO, a cracked egg and a jetpack? Can we get a Jetpack? Sorry for my bad english:)


Eman Ibrahim

do a video with neymar


how the fuck did you get 999 extracison ballons

Shanaisha Crift

Fake!!!!! Signature dunk was a fake